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Frequently Asked Questions

Clark Shaving Co.® Compatible Cleaning Solutions

Will these fit in my Braun® system?

Yes! Our Clark Shaving Co® cartridges will fit any Braun® Series Cleaning Centres.

How often should I replace the cartridges?

The cartridge should be replaced every 30-60 days.

How do I safely dispose of the liquid and cartridge?

When finished with the cartridge, in a well ventilated area, pour the solution into a water filled utility sink or toilet. After dumping the solution, drain the sink or flush the toilet. If you used the sink, run the faucet for a few minutes afterwards. The cartridge can be disposed of in the trash.

Are these cartridges manufactured by Braun®?

The cartridges are manufactured by Clark Shaving Co®, and are not affiliated with Braun®.

Where are these cartridges manufactured?

The cartridges are manufactured in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

Do your cartridges come with a plastic seal?

At this time, we have only the foil seal around the opening. We recommend that you keep the cartridge installed in your Braun shaver system.